Biographical Sketch
Larry O. Hulsey

 Mr. Hulsey has been a practicing engineer for 33 years since earning a B.S. in petroleum engineering from the University of Oklahoma.  He was associated with major and independent oil and gas companies for 12 years, prior to forming his own company in 1977.  He is a Consultant, Independent Oil & Gas Producer, Certified Environmental Inspector as well as a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.

 In addition to serving as president of NTOGA and communications chairman of IPAA, Hulsey has served on IPAA’s Executive Committee, and as chairman of TIPRO’s Membership Committee and of the Texas Governor’s Committee on Stripper & Marginal Well Cost Review.

 Most recently, on November 6, 1999, he was elected to the executive committee of the National Stripper Well Association.  On April 1, 1999, he was elected vice-chairman of the newly created committee to Save Domestic Oil (SDO).  He is the current chairman of the LIAISON Committee.  This committee represents a loose confederation of some 25 state and regional oil & gas associations.  LIAISON is a forum for exchanges of ideas among associations and coordinates lobbying objectives by working with IPAA to develop the “Independent Producer Agenda”.   He is the current past chairman of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council’s Texas Producer Advisory Group.  This group provides guidance to the PTTC regarding its activities in the state. He is a member of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers executive committee and the IPAA Crude Oil and Economic Policy Committee, and TIPRO’s National Energy Policy and Executive committees.  He also serves as a Texas representative to the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission and served for 8 years as the Governor’s representative on the policy Committee of the U.S. Department of Interior’s Outer Continental Shelf Advisory Board.

 Hulsey has lived in Graham for 28 years, where he has served as an elder in the Presbyterian Church and is serving on the Graham National Bank Board of Directors, and has held positions on the Graham Chamber of Commerce, Graham Industrial Association, Graham City Council, and Young County Tax Review Board.

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